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The Conqueror

Drama, 90 minutes

In a village forgotten by all, lives a boy who will not be allowed to forget. His father’s death he doesn’t remember, but his mother was killed recently in a century old blood feud. The Shock has left him mute and raging.

As he crosses the threshold of childhood and becomes a man at twelve, he must assume the responsibility of avenging his mother and conquer back the lost honor of the village. Such are the rules–everyone agrees, except his grandmother. Before the boy gets embroiled in another cycle of violence, she  smuggles him away one night, but loses him on the journey.

A Buddhist monk finds him and brings him to the monastery, where the monks name him Gautam -- the one who conquered pain. Just as Gautam is beginning to forget his past, he encounters his mother's murderer in the monastery. 

Set in the mountains of Ladakh in North India, The Conqueror is a feature length drama about a boy’s journey to overcome not only the horrors of his own violent past, but also the traditions that perpetrate the violence.



  • Invitation, Berlinale Talent Project Market.

  • Awarded The L’oreal Woman of Worth Vision Award at the Tribeca All Access




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