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Psychological Thriller, 92 minutes

Shama lives with her aunt Zeenat in the slums of Kolkata. Her mother disappeared seventeen years ago right after she was born, that’s the story Zeenat tells her, and Shama has no reason to disbelieve her. She is a boxer with the mission to fight her way out of despair and leave her past behind, ASAP. But there is a girl who won’t let Shama forget. Her name is Houma, if she were not so posh, she would look like her twin. 

Houma was adopted, and is obsessed with her past or the lack of it - especially that elusive figure, her “Real mother.” She stalks Shama in the hopes of finding clues to the disappeared woman's identity. Her opportunity arrives when Shama’s aunt, Zeenat, is murdered and Shama accused as the prime suspect.

Zeenat’s long lost husband Asif arrives on the scene and appoints himself as Shama’s legal guardian, making her life a claustrophobic hell. Houma offers to exchange places with Shama so she can continue to practice for the championship, and fight for her freedom. In turn, it will give Houma an opportunity to explore the house for her mother’s clues. This is a dangerous proposition, but Houma is desperate. As Shama steps into Houma’s shoes, and Houma into Shama’s, their lives become intertwined and their identities merge.

Then Asif gets murdered, and Shama, once again, is the prime suspect. The only person who can rescue her is Houma, who's disappeared, just like their mother. Shama must find Houma in order to find the truth. 


Status: Financing

Producers:  Sylvain Bursztejn, Ambre Films, France; Celine Loop, Travelling Light Films, India.

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