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Documentary, 84 Min

In a culture that values beauty, delicacy, and submission as the prized traits for the ultimate feminine career fulfillment–marriage, three young women, Ajmera Khatoon (16), Taslima Khatoon (16), and Parveen Sajda (23) battle tradition in Khiddirpur, Kolkata by training with Razia Shabnam, one of the first Indian women to become a boxing coach and an international referee.  Burqa Boxers is the story of their baby steps towards an idea called emancipation, and the struggle to confront the biggest obstacle in their path–fear.

  • Winner, Best Project, Grant Open Doors, Locarno Film Festival 2011.

  • Invitation, Film Bazaar Co-Production Market, Goa, India, 2011.

  • Jio MAMI International Film FestivalMumbai, 2016

  • Traces De Vie International Film Festival, Claremond Ferrand, France, 2016

  • Vail Film Festival, USA, 2017.

  • Artemis, Women in Action Film Festival, USA 2017.

  • For Films Sake Film Festival, Australia, USA 2017.

  • Winner “Author of the Year” International. Documentary Festival, Hangzhou, China, 2017.

  • EBS International documentary Festival, Korea 2017.

  • New Orleans Film Festival, October, 2017

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